Corn Meal Cakes

Here are the ingredients that you will need:

Corn meal, seven and a half ounces,

Wheat flour, five and a half ounces,

Granulated sugar, five and a half ounces,

Butter, three and a half ounces,

Lard, two ounces,

A pinch of anise seed,

One egg.

Baking Directions:

Mix together the corn meal, the flour and the anise seed and knead with the butter, the lard and the egg that quantity that you can, forming a loaf that you will put aside. What remains is to be kneaded with water forming another loaf.

Then mix the two loaves and knead a little, not much because the dough must remain soft.

Flatten with the rolling pin until it becomes one quarter of an inch thick, sprinkle with flour, and cut in different sizes and shapes with thin stamps.

Grease a baking tin with lard, sprinkle, with flour, glaze with the egg, bake and dust with powdered sugar.

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