Bread Pudding

Ingredients: Soft bread crumb, five ounces. Butter, three and a half ounces. Four eggs. Taste of lemon peel. A pinch of salt.

Rice Meal Pudding

Ingredients: Milk, one quart. Rice meal, seven ounces. Sugar, four and a half ounces. Six eggs. A pinch of salt. Taste of

Rice Tart

Ingredients: Milk, one quart. Rice, seven ounces. Sugar, five and a half ounces. Sweet almonds with four bitter ones, three and a

Farina Cakes

Ingredients: Farina, six and a half ounces. Sugar, three and a half ounces. Pine-seeds, two ounces. Butter, a small piece. Milk, one

Macaroons (Amaretti)

These are the ingredients you will need: Granulated sugar, nine ounces. Sweet almonds, three and a half ounces. Bitter almonds, half of

Portuguese Cake

Here are the ingredients you will need: Sweet almonds, five ounces. Granulated sugar, five ounces. Potato meal, one and a half ounce.

Madeleine Cake

Here are the ingredients you need: Sugar, four and a half ounces, Flour, three ounces, Butter, one ounce, Egg-yolks, four, Whites of

Plain Biscuit

Here are the ingredients you will need: Six eggs, Granulated sugar, nine ounces, Flour, four ounces, Potato meal, two ounces, Taste of

Corn Meal Cakes

Here are the ingredients that you will need: Corn meal, seven and a half ounces, Wheat flour, five and a half ounces,

Curly Tart

Ingredients: Sweet almonds with a few bitter ones, four ounces, Granulated sugar, six ounces, Candied fruits or angelica, 2½ ounces, Butter, two

Mantua Tart

Ingredients: Flour, six ounces. Sugar, six ounces. Butter, five ounces. Sweet almonds and pine-seeds, two ounces. One whole egg. Four egg-yolks. A

Margherita Cake

Ingredients: Potato meal, three ounces. Sugar, six ounces. Four eggs. Lemon juice. Baking Directions: Beat well the egg-yolks with the sugar, add

Hazelnut Pudding

2. Dry them well at the sun or on the fire, 3. Grind them very fine, together with sugar, of a weight