Rice Tart


Milk, one quart.

Rice, seven ounces.

Sugar, five and a half ounces.

Sweet almonds with four bitter ones, three and a half ounces.

Candied cedar (angelica), one ounce.

Three whole eggs.

Five egg-yolks.

Taste of lemon peel.

A pinch of salt.


Skin the almonds and grind or pound them with two tablespoonfuls of the sugar.

Cut the candied cedar in very small cubes. Cook the rice in the milk until it is quite firm, put in all the ingredients except the eggs, which are added when the mixture is cold.

Put the entire mixture in a baking tin greased with butter and sprinkled with bread crumbs ground fine, harden in the oven and after 24 hours cut the tart into diamonds. When serving dust with powdered sugar.

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