Almond Macaroons

Almonds, ½ lb.;

Rose-water, 1 tablespoonful;

Eggs, whites of 3;

White sugar (powdered), ½ lb.

Soak the almonds in boiling-hot water till the skin will rub off easily; wipe them dry, removing the skins, and pound to a paste with the rose-water. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, stir the sugar in gradually, and then add the almonds. When the almonds are well mixed in, drop the mixture by spoonfuls upon buttered baking plates or letter-paper, several inches apart, sift sugar on them, and bake to a light brown in a slow oven; it will take fifteen to twenty minutes.

If desired, substitute an ounce or more of bitter almonds for the sweet.

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