Chocolate Cake

Flour, 3½ cupfuls;

Butter, 1 cupful;

Sugar, 2 cupfuls;

Eggs, 5;

Milk, 1 cupful;

Cream-tartar, 1 teaspoonful;

Bking Soda, ½ teaspoonful;

Fine white sugar, 1½ cupfuls;

Grated chocolate, 3 tablespoonfuls;

Vanilla, 1 teaspoonful.

Mix one cup of butter; two cups of sugar; yolks of five eggs and whites of two; three and a half cups of flour, into which one teaspoonful of cream-tartar has been stirred; one cup of milk, and half a teaspoonful of soda. Bake in jelly-cake tins, and use the following mixture for spreading between layers and on top: One and a half cups of sugar; the remaining whites of three eggs; three tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate, and one teaspoonful of essence of vanilla; beat well.

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