Coffee Cake

Flour, 2½ lbs.;

Brown sugar, 9 oz.;

Butter, 14 oz.;

Molasses, 1 pt.;

Cold strong coffee, 1 pt.;

Stoned raisins, cut in two, 2½ lbs.;

Citron, 1 lb.;

Mace, Cinnamon, and Ginger, 2 teaspoonfuls each;

Cloves and Allspice, 1 teaspoonful each;

Baking soda, dissolved in a little of the coffee, 2 even teaspoonfuls.

Rub the sugar and butter together, add the molasses, coffee and flour alternately, leaving a pint of flour in which to rub the fruit, then the soda, and lastly the fruit. Bake slowly about an hour.

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